Shipping from USA to Ukraine

Meest-America delivers parcels to Ukraine by sea and by air to the address of the recipient. We are still shipping packages to residential addresses in Ukraine during the war, with some delivery limitations due to active military conflict.


In order to make shipping parcels easier for our customers, we have created a Meest Portal.  Our portal is a website we developed to elevate your customer experience by offering a variety of user-friendly amenities.


If you register, you can start enjoying these time-saving benefits:


  1. Estimate shipping costs.
  2. Fill in shipping information, and CN23 customs forms – all online.
  3. Locate nearest Meest agent or FedEx drop-off location.
  4. Examine shipped packages information.
  5. Review payment history.
  6. Create a database for your regular recipient shipments.

For customers who live in the U.S.:

  • Maximum value of goods one may ship to a recipient in Ukraine without having to pay additional import duty is 150 EUR;
  • Maximum weight of one parcel - 66 lbs (30 kg);
  • Every parcel is insured with the company for $60.00. Any additional insurance will cost you 5% of the insured value;
  • Food products are limited to 22 lbs (10 kg) in one parcel and no more than 4.4 lbs (2 kg) of one type of product;
  • Any type of products with an electric motor (ex: gyroboards, children's cars, etc.) are subject to customs clearance according to the following rates: duty - 10%, excise tax - 22EUR / pc, VAT - 20%, regardless of the value of the goods and the type of the shipment.
Small packages and letters
Territory Estimated Delivery Time Weight Price
Kyiv and Western Ukraine 6-10 days

up to 0.5lb. 

up to 4lb. 

up to 5lb.




The rest of the territory 7 - 12 days

*If you use our prepaid FedEx label for delivery to our office in NJ additional $10 will be applied.

Sea Parcels Air Parcels
Price/lb Delivery Estimated Delivery Time Price/lb Delivery Estimated Delivery Time
Kyiv $1.19 $15 4 weeks $2.89 $15 6 -10 days
Western Ukraine $1.19 $10 4 weeks $2.89 $10 6 -10 days
The rest of the territory


$15 4 weeks $2.89


6 -12 days

*Prices shown above do not include the cost of delivery to the Meest-America office in NJ, pick up at the address or additional packing cost. Minimum chargeable weight of a parcel is 10 lbs. The terms and rates are applicable to parcels shipped by sea and air from Meest-America's location in NJ or its agents who transfer parcels to Meest-America's drivers for shipping and final delivery.

Rates and transit time (with FedEx label)
Territory Sea Packages Air Packages
Price/lb Delivery Estimated Delivery Time Price/lb Delivery Estimated Delivery Time
Kyiv $1.39 $20 4-5 weeks $2.89 $20 7 -10 days
Western Ukraine $1.39 $20 4-5 weeks $2.89 $20 7-10 days
The rest of the territory


$20 4-6 weeks $2.89


10 -14 days

FedEx rates shown are calculated for regular size packages. Regular-sized packages have the following dimensions: the largest side should not exceed 48 inches (120 cm); the second-largest – 30 inches (75 cm); and the maximum physical or volume weight should not be greater than 66 lbs (30 kg). Shipping cost is determined by both, the weight and the volume of your parcel. If the bulk density exceeds the actual weight, the shipping cost will be calculated based on the volumetric weight.

FedEx additional charge for parcels more than 40 lbs:

40 lbs. + $10
50 lbs. + $15
60 lbs. + $20

*Maximum weight of a parcel using FedEx prepaid label - 66 lbs (30 kg). Cost of shipping via FedEx from Western States of the U.S. is different. Estimated Delivery Time starts from the day of shipping from the U.S.

For customers who live in Ukraine

Terms and conditions for delivery of goods from U.S. online stores can be found here

Formulas for calculating customs payment

The formula for calculating customs payment:

    • For shipments with a total invoice value above 150 EUR but below 10000 EUR (customs duty rate is 10% of the sum exceeding 150 EUR; VAT rate is 20% of the sum exceeding 150 EUR and sum of the customs duty):

    Example:   $600 iPhone

    Value of the goods:  $600 (530 EUR)

    Customs duty:  (530 EUR - 150 EUR) * 10% = 38 EUR
    VAT:  (530 EUR - 150 EUR + 38 EUR) * 20% = 83.6 EUR

    Total customs fees:  121.6 EUR

    • Payments must be paid in UAH according to the rate of the National Bank of Ukraine on the date of submission of the customs declaration.
    • All goods with values of up to 150 EUR are not taxable.


    Country-specific rules and regulations by origin and destination countries













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