How to deliver your parcel to Meest-America’s office?

If you are located in a distant state where Meest trucks do not pick up packages, and there are no Meest representatives nearby, you may conveniently ship your boxes to our office in Port Reading via FedEx | UPS.  We have an agreement with FedEx | UPS which is why we can offer you better prices.

In order to have your parcel delivered to Meest-America’s office in Port Reading, NJ please:

  1. Register/Log in to your Meest Portal account at
  2. Following instructions, type in all requested information.
  3. Print required labels.
  4. Take the package(s) to the nearest FedEx | UPS office or hand it to a driver working in your area.
  5. FedEx | UPS representative will accept the box from you at no charge when he (she) sees our label on it.
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