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Send Parcel From Ukraine with PostPayment in the USA


For more than 27 years, at Meest America, we've been searching customer’s needs and creating products that are trend-demanded.

The same way we created the service "Send Parcel From Ukraine with PostPayment in the USA"

In 2022, many Ukrainians arrived in the United States, some of them left their homes in a hurry without having time to collect books, warm clothes or priceless things to their hearts.

We received many requests about how to order things from Ukraine and deliver them to the USA with postpayment after arrival.

For your convenience, now there is the opportunity available. You just need to fill in the data of the Sender & Recipient by the form below. Then the person indicated as the Sender can bring parcel without payment to the nearest drop off branch by the link.

After arrival to the U.S., the Recipient will get a notification and payment instructions by email.

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