Meest USA 2022-07-19

Purchase food boxes to help people affected by war


900,000 kg of food delivered in 3 months!

Dear Customers,

Purchase food boxes for your family and friends back in Ukraine, or buy and donate food boxes to “Lviv Volunteer Kitchen” or “Plast Lviv”. Both charities will deliver food boxes to military and civilians in the war zone or de-occupied territories. Meest-America HAD already delivered over 900,000 kilos of groceries on behalf of the Canada-Ukraine Foundation initiative, and helped those in critical need. We are proud to help, but our work is not over yet!

More information about food boxes can be found here -

If you would like to purchase and donate a large number of food boxes, please contact us. We can prepare customized food boxes, according to your specifications. Please contact us by e-mail [email protected], or use the online chat on this site.

Glory to Ukraine!

Thank you,
Meest-America Team.

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