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Progressive Companies in the USA Stick to Meest Fulfillment


The US e-commerce market has crossed the $1 trillion mark! According to Comscore experts report, in 2022, it grew by 21%, reached $1.09 trillion, and continues growing. The active growth of online commerce in the USA allowed the emergence of new services. 3PL fulfillment is one of them.

Receipt of goods, sorting, storage, marking, sending orders to end consumers, account and processing returns (if required), and online control of stocks — this is a well-coordinated chain of 3PL Fulfillment services and processes.

Who Should Pay Attention to 3PL Fulfillment?

If you value your own time, just opened your online store and don’t know how to organize the storage of goods, don’t want to overpay for warehouse rent, or want to expand your sales geography, 3PL logistics is a real chance for high-tech companies, online stores, and small businesses to quickly build or improve their supply chains to get the maximum return in a short time and at minimum cost.

Meest Fulfillment Has Solutions Matching All Types of Businesses

Meest is the parent company of Meest Fulfillment, known in the US market for its outstanding services, efficiency, and professionalism in shipments and logistics.

Check the List of Benefits, and Find a Bunch of New Options You’ll Like

  • Economic efficiency. Store, pack, and carry out the goods to the consumer, saving money — ordering complex services with Meest is cheaper. The company also offers some of the lowest monthly order volumes in the industry and has no product weight limits.
  • Competence. Logistics, warehousing, transportation, human resources – if you have never had them, 3PL for e-commerce will optimize your supply chain.
  • Greater coverage. Meest works with both direct-to-consumer companies and companies that sell products through popular marketplaces within their services: Amazon, Shopify, eBay, and Etsy. This helps to enter new markets quickly.
  • Scalability. Meest partners with UPS, FedEx, and other major carriers to deliver customer orders and help your business overgrow.

How does the service work? The company ships the products to the Meest Fulfillment center in the US and then — to the end consumer. Even if outsourcing fulfillment services seems high, evaluate it regarding potential savings and benefits. Indeed, in the end, the business will benefit from the transfer of logistics to outsourcing.

No wonder 90% of famous companies in the US are already benefiting from Meest 3PL. They value their time and clients and won’t stop there.

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