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Meest Shopping Opens New Horizons for Ukrainians


Meest Shopping is a unique service that helps people buy cheaply abroad with delivery to Ukraine. Mango Outlet, Amazon, eBay, Sephora, H&M, and about 600 other popular American and European stores are becoming accessible to Ukrainians!

By registering on Meest Shopping, you can conveniently buy and deliver your purchases to Ukraine from Meest warehouses in more than 10 countries worldwide and then from sort warehouses in Lviv. Choose one of the available shopping options and ensure that buying with Meest Shopping is a real bargain.

Available Meest Shopping Options

To choose the right products in popular stores, it is enough to register in the Meest Shopping account and get an ID number. Next, you can select from the following shopping options:

  • Buy Yourself: In this case, you order the product at the address of the nearest warehouse in any country from the list on the website or in the application. Next, the Meest operator will deliver the goods to Ukraine in a convenient way for you. In Ukraine, it is possible to choose between Meest Express or Nova Poshta for last-mile delivery to the address.
  • Redeem Goods is your option if you don't want to spend time making purchases on websites. It is enough to choose a product and send us a link — we will do the rest. When you see the order number in your account, adjust the shipping route to Ukraine by choosing the desired address and delivery method.
  • By choosing a Shared Cart option, you delegate to Meest the order processing in the store + significantly save on delivery by sharing it with everyone willing in the cart.
  • The Hot Offers option involves viewing products with discounts on our website, which we constantly update. If you like the item, we will buy it and deliver it to Ukraine.

Delivery and Price

Your purchase is delivered to the Meest warehouse first. Next, the parcels are sent to the sorting warehouse in Lviv (Ukraine) and handed over for delivery to the address of one of the proposed carriers, which you can choose.


Delivery Method Price USD Transportation Cost USD Delivery Time
By air Department — 8.19/kg
Courier delivery — 8.69/kg
5.90 (weight to 0.5 kg) from 6-9 working days
By sea Department — 3.05/kg
Courier delivery — 3.45/kg
Department — 4.90
Address — 5.90
from 4 weeks

Нова Пошта (Nova Poshta)

Delivery Method Parcel Weight kg Price per parcel by courier/ department
By air up to 0,5
from 0,5 to 1
from 1 to 50
9,29 per kg+2/8,79 per kg+2
By sea up to 2
from 2 to 50
3,55 per kg+2/3,05 per kg+2

You can use the online calculator on the Meest Shopping website to calculate the cost of delivery to Ukraine and not overpay.

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