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Meest is pleased to announce the "Polonez" and "Doma export" trademarks acquiring


Effective April 2 2023, The Meest Group of companies "Meest" is pleased to announce that they have acquired the "Polonez Parcel Service" ("Polonez") and "Doma Export" trademarks.

Meest is operating as an investor for the trademarks only and will financially support the reinstatement of operations for both brands. Polonez and Doma Export brands will remain Polish brands with Polish management who will run these businesses, outside of the regular operations of Meest.

Meest is also operating in partnership with Polish company KAREX. A few weeks ago, KAREX made us aware of a parcel backlog from the U.S. to Poland of Polonez and Doma Export shipments. Meest will financially support the release of the shipping containers that are stuck in the Port of Hamburg to ensure all packages are delivered. Packages will be delivered to final receivers as early as the next few weeks.

"It is our pleasure to offer this support to our Polish partners within the logistics industry. We are a customer-focused company with 30 years of expertise in the logistics industry. We understand how important it is to deliver quality service and provide support for our customers. With this support for Polonez and Doma Export we hope to overcome these difficulties and ensure operations continue in an effort to preserve jobs for their employees and agents" stated Rostyslav Kisil, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Meest Group.

It is important to note that Meest did not purchase the business operations of Polonez and Doma Export. Meest only purchased the trademarks for both of these brands.

Meest values the Polonez, Doma Export brands and wants to see these brands not only succeed but excel in the current market.

Meest was established in 1989 as a "bridge" for Ukrainian immigrants all over the world, allowing them to send packages back home to friends and family from the diaspora. Since then, Meest has grown to a global logistics shipping company, delivering to over 70 countries and employing over 4000 employees worldwide. We offer shipping, e-commerce and money transfer services for North American, Eastern European and Central Asian markets – most notably to the Eastern European diaspora.

The trademarks of Polonez and Doma Export now join the powerful, integrated shipping network of Meest brands which includes, but is not limited to; Meest-America Inc., Meest Corporation, Meest International, Meest Poshta, Meest Post, Meest Polska, Meest China, and Meest Shopping, half of which are based in Poland.

In conclusion, Rostyslav Kisil adds "With everything that has occurred over the last year, Ukraine has become very connected with Poland. The Polish people opened their hearts and homes to aid Ukrainian refugees when the war started, and now we want to extend that same hospitality. It was an easy decision for us to come to the aid of Polonez, Doma Export so that we can help provide a solution to the stuck parcels.

Our main mission is to help and connect people globally. It is with this intent, that we are proud to assist in providing a solution to the Polish diaspora by helping these companies renew their operations. Together with KAREX, we plan to support the Polonez, Doma Export brands, their employees and agent network to resume operations and ensure that we achieve the best end-to-end service for the Polish diaspora community."

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