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Meest USA - International Shipping

Meest-America provides fast and reliable delivery of your documents and parcels


$10 OFF Your First Shipment to Ukraine and Europe for New Users at Meest Portal!

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Send parcel to 75 countries over the world

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Fulfillment for e-commerce over US

Parcels delivery to 75 countries over the world Cash-on-Delivery for inbound parcels within US

By sending parcel to Ukraine YOU support Ukraine

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Parcels to Poland

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Meest is shipping humanitarian aid packages for Ukraine

Any individual or organization can bring in packages with humanitarian aid to any Meest office or agent.

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Send Parcel From Ukraine with PostPayment in the USA

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Send a parcel to your family in Ukraine

We are accepting regular parcels for delivery to residential addresses in Ukraine. We can deliver to most areas in Ukraine, except areas with active military activity

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Send parcels easily and quickly with meest Portal

Estimate shipping costs
Reate database for your regular recipient shipments
View history of your shipments
Review account balance
Locate nearest Meest agent or FedEx drop-off location