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New European Union Regulations


As of July 1, 2021, all parcels sent from outside the European Union are subject to mandatory declaration, regardless of type of parcel or cost.

If a parcel costs 0-150 euros, the goods are subject to sales tax. The basis of taxation is the customs value which is cost of goods + cost of delivery.  If the value of the parcel exceeds 150 euros, the shipment is subject to declaration and import taxes - duty, turnover tax, excise duty on excisable goods.

If the parcel is sent as a gift from a private person to a private person, it is only taxed if the value of the gift exceeds 45 euros.  Please note it is necessary to declare gifts from 0 euros.

You can declare a shipment either electronically, on the post office website of the destination country, or by contacting the post office directly. The cost of declaring is different for each country.

Below is information on declaring parcels in the following EU countries:


Link 1      Link 2 


Link 1     Link 2


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