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Calculate International Shipping Cost with Meest


Meest has provided freight forwarding services in the USA for over 20 years, including international container transportation worldwide.

Thanks to a vast network of partners and accumulated experience in sea and air transportation, the company offers the most attractive international shipping cost and effective solutions for delivering your goods.

Meest specialists will select the best delivery option, considering the characteristics of your cargo and making up the price you’ll accept.

What Is the Cost of International Shipping?

The international shipping cost is affected by the cargo’s country, destination, and dimensional weight. What is it, and how to calculate it?

Dimensional weight and actual weight are two different concepts related to measuring the weight of objects. It is not enough to indicate the weight of your goods and pay the estimated shipping rates. Knowing how much space the parcel will take up during transportation is also essential.

  • The actual weight is the weight of the object measured on the scale. It is usually expressed in kilograms or pounds and is used to determine the total mass of an object.
  • Dimensional weight is calculated from the object's length, width, and height. For example, if the cargo has a large volume but a small weight, its delivery cost will be determined by the dimensional weight, not by the actual weight.

There is a formula to calculate the dimensional weight of the load:

  • Dimensional weight (lbs) = Length (inches) x Width (inches) x Height (inches) / 139.
  • Dimensional weight (kg) = Length (cm) x Width (cm) x Height (cm) / 5 000.

How to Calculate International Shipping from the USA?

To know the shipping costs from USA, customers need to calculate the cost on the Meest portal. This stage is an essential part of economic planning. For maximum time savings, the Meest service offers a convenient estimator that allows you to find out the cost of transportation in a few seconds.

The procedure is effortless:

  1. Fill in your (the sender’s) address.
  2. Mention the recipient’s country you are sending to.
  3. Check the parcel data: weight, length, width, and height.
  4. Click Calculate the cost.

Remember, you need to know the reception location and destination, as well as the actual and dimensional weight of the cargo, to perform a preliminary calculation of the cost of transporting goods.

For all questions, contact the Meest operator and get a full consultation.

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