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All Details about Shipping in Containers


Shipping containers by sea is one of the most inexpensive and promising logistics services. The consolidated container transportation and full load are equally popular among companies. Read how container shipping works and consult Meest experts on any issue.

What Is Container Shipping?

Container transportation is the most modern and widespread way of delivering goods between countries. Today, 70% of international cargo volumes are transported in containers. Unified containers significantly speed up loading and unloading operations and make your goods easy to pack.

Shipping in containers is carried out according to the following scenario.

  1. Standard or groupage cargo is packed into containers.
  2. They are sealed and delivered to the port with all the necessary transport and customs documents.
  3. The containers are checked and loaded onto a ship following a specific route.
  4. Arrival at the recipient's port.

What Are the Sizes of Containers?

Meest provides the client with all necessary shipping cargo containers required for cargo carriage, considering the shipment’s weight, dimensions, and physical and chemical characteristics. Just tell the operator what kind of cargo you have and where you want to ship it.

Containers with a capacity of 20 and 40 FT are the most massive segment in transportation. Today, 20 FT containers comprise approximately 75% of the world's fleet. And 40 FT takes about 20%. These containers are considered universal, although, depending on the overall characteristics, the difference between them is significant:

  • 20 FT Standard containers are more often sent for heavy cargo.
  • 40 FT Standard and 40 FT High Cube are used for lighter but larger loads.

FCL and LCL Container Load

Transportation of shipping containers by sea is carried out in two ways:

  • Full Container Load — one container-one client. This type of container loading is suitable for transporting bulky goods and also if it is essential to transport your goods separately from others.
  • Less than Container Load is the transportation of cargo that only occupies part of the volume of a container as part of a groupage container. This is ideal for those who want to save money and not pay for empty power if the load is small.

Considering the multi-stage delivery, controlling cargo movement on all path sections is vital when performing loading and unloading operations. Therefore, dealing with Meest services to deliver goods in the USA and abroad is the best option. The company has a positive reputation and will not only fully follow the entire process of container transportation, but will also be able to guarantee the preservation of the shipment and working insurance.

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