How to choose a shipping carrier in the U.S.

Dear Clients!

When ordering goods from US online stores, you should carefully choose the best and most reliable shipping carrier that will quickly and safely deliver your order to Meest-America’s warehouse.

Let's get to know the most popular carriers in the USA.


+     Most economical option for small packages under 6 kg

+     Has a longstanding reputation for delivering on-time despite inclement weather conditions

+     Offers flat rate boxes through their Priority Mail service, making it a cost-effective option

+     Only courier service that can deliver to P.O. boxes and mailboxes

-     Generally seen as less reliable shipping carrier, especially in terms of tracking packages

-     Parcels are not scanned by company courier upon delivery to our warehouse

-     Claim often are not accepted if a parcel is not additionally insured by the shipper


+     Excellent tracking system

+     Same-day delivery and next day delivery services are available

+     Offers guaranteed express shipping with a reputation for timeliness

+     Affordable rates if your package is heavier than 1 kg

-     Fees and surcharges may be applied depending on shipping regions and type of shipping address (private or commercial)

-     No Saturday delivery as a regular service. Instead, it’s listed as a value-added service, meaning you must pay extra for it


+     Offers insurance coverage on packages

+     Highly effective tracking of packages

+     Offers Saturday delivery as a part of their basic shipping packages

-     Higher than USPS shipping rates for delivery of packages up to 6 kg


+     International delivery only in the U.S.

+     Door-to-door delivery

-     More limited presence in the U.S.

-     Occasional extra charges or surcharges for brokerage services

Amazon Prime

+     FREE Same-Day Delivery and One-Day Shipping

+     FREE Release-Date Delivery: Choose Release-Date Delivery at checkout on qualified items, and your package will be delivered by 7 p.m. on that date

+     Earn shopping rewards for selecting FREE No-Rush Shipping: Your order will arrive in six business days.

-     Only delivery of Amazon orders

Please note!

For sending large packages, FedEx and UPS have favorable conditions. Also, these two courier services deliver parcels weighing up to 68 kg.

Based on delivery times, FedEx and UPS deliver packages weighing up to 2 kg faster than by USPS.

Choosing a courier delivery, you should carefully review information about them and learn all their advantages and disadvantages.

Meest-America Team.

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