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Send package from America to UA/EU
Meest delivers parcels from America to Ukraine and other countries worldwide. Follow the  link to learn more about terms, rates and delivery times from America to worldwide.

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Money Transfers with Meest

If you want to send money from US to Ukraine, you can do this at a Meest office or via Meest Representatives Money transfers are only available from certain states: New Jersey, Ohio, Oregon, Illinois & Washington.

If you have any questions, please contact support toll-free at +1-732-634-1517 or email info.usa@meest.com



How to calculate the shipping cost of a parcel from America to Ukraine?

You can calculate the cost of shipping a parcel using the Calculator on our Meest Portal

In addition, you can familiarize yourself with shipping rates to Ukraine, and coutries in Europe and Asia in the Tariffs section

How to check delivery times?

Air delivery usually takes up to 7 days while Sea delivery is up to 4 weeks.

To find out the delivery time to your recepient address, please follow the link and indicate the city of dispatch and the receipient address of the parcel.

How to track a parcel?

Please enter your parcel number on the tracking page and you will find the delivery status of your parcel.

You can also call Meest America toll-free +1 800 288 9949 and give the tracking number of the parcel to a customer service representative who will check its location. You can also email us the tracking number of your package at info.usa@meest.com with "Shipping or Tracking inquiry" in the subject line - our support team will provide information about your package by email.

What are addresses and hours of Meest branches?
You can find the nearest Meest branch or agent in America using the branch map. You will also be able to find out what services are provided at the branch or agent's location, and what their hours are.
How to deliver a parcel to our warehouse?

Please contact with nearest agent to your location (choose America) and arrange if it is possible to send your parcel or register your account (via your personal e-mail) on portal and send your parcel from nearest Fedex branch

Video-tutorial is here

If you live far from a Meest Agent, and our warehouse in Port Reading, NJ, you can ship your parcel to us via FedEx by registering on our Meest Portal, and following the step-by-step instructions.

What are the benefits of creating a personal account on our Meest Portal?

To create a personal account on the Meest portal, you need to register using the link, and confirm your email in the confirmation email you will receive after registration.

Why is it convenient to have a personal account? In your Personal Account on the Meest Portal you can:

  • Calculate shipping cost
  • Fill out documents for the parcel, and customs form CN23
  • Fill out documents for the parcel from Fedex office
  • Store and view information about sent parcels
  • Check payment history
  • Create your own database of recipients

How CUSTOMER creates new parcel and that parcel can be dropped off at Meest Agent location

How to become a Meest representative?
To become a Meest representative, please read the details on our website, and apply by e-mail partners.usa@meest.com
How are customs and brokerage fees calculated?

For customers who live in the USA:

  • Maximum value of goods one may ship to a recipient in Ukraine without having to pay additional import duty is 150 EUR;
  • Maximum weight of one parcel - 66 lbs (30 kg);
  • Every parcel is insured with the company for $60.00. Any additional insurance will cost you 5% of the insured value;
  • Food products are limited to 22 lbs (10 kg) in one parcel and no more than 4.4 lbs (2 kg) of one type of product;

Any type of products with an electric motor (ex: gyro boards, children's cars, etc.) are subject to customs clearance according to the following rates: duty - 10%, excise tax - 22EUR / pc, VAT - 20%, regardless of the value of the goods and the type of the shipment.

Tax-free value of parcels to Ukraine 150 Еuros, approximately $158US

For shipments with a total invoice value above 150 EUR but below 10000 EUR (customs duty rate is 10% of the sum exceeding 150 EUR; VAT rate is 20% of the sum exceeding 150 EUR and sum of the customs duty):

  • Example: $600 iPhone
  • Value of the goods: $600 (530 EUR)
  • Customs duty: (530 EUR - 150 EUR) * 10% = 38 EUR
  • VAT: (530 EUR - 150 EUR + 38 EUR) * 20% = 83.6 EUR

Total customs fees: 121.6 EUR

Payments must be paid in UAH according to the rate of the National Bank of Ukraine on the date of submission of the customs declaration.

All goods with values of up to 150 EUR are not taxable.

How to send money to Ukraine?

If you would like to send money from USA to Ukraine, you can do this at our Meest Main Office, or via one of our Meest Representatives, but only in the following states: New Jersey, Ohio, Oregon, Illinois & Washington.

If you have any questions, please contact support toll-free at +1-732-634-1517 or email info.usa@meest.com

How to send a parcel from Ukraine so that the recipient pays for the delivery in America?

If you are in America and want to receive goods from Ukraine with post-payment in America after parcel delivery please fill in form-request by this link.

Provide CV number, which you received for sender in Ukraine in order to identify this specific parcel in Meest branch (here is list of branches) keep this number untill you receive parcel in the U.S.A.

How to send documents to Ukraine?
You can send documents to Ukraine through representatives or the Meest head office in New Jersey. Documents are accepted only without photo inside. If you have any questions, please contact support toll-free at +1-732-634-1517 or email info.usa@meest.com
How to deliver a parcel from Ukraine to America?

Meest delivers parcels from Ukraine to the USA and Canada. Use the Meest service if you:

  • Left Ukraine and are temporarily abroad
  • Are a business that resumed its work in Ukraine, and have the ability to send goods abroad

Detailed information on how you can send parcels abroad is available at the link

How to send a smartphone to Ukraine?

You can send the phone via Meest. To be shipped by air, the mobile phone must be packaged as a separate package, in accordance with air transport security regulations, because mobile phones (like laptops, tablets) include lithium-ion batteries, which are considered explosives. All air parcels are scanned at the airport before being sent, and the security service may detain parcels that do not meet air security requirements.

You do not need to do this for shipping by sea, but you must declare the phone. If you have any questions, please contact support toll-free at +1-732-634-1517 or email info.usa@meest.com

How to send a car from Ukraine?

Meest does not ship vehicles to America.

If you would like to send your personal car, we recommend that you contact the organizations that are directly involved in this.

How can I get food from the USA, Europe or China? What is the best option?

We are always on your side and will help resolve any issues as soon as possible. To get information about your other parcels, please contact Meest representatives in the relevant countries:

Parcels from/to China, from/to Europe and across Ukraine

  • Hotline in Ukraine +380504327707, +380674327707, +380934327707, +380322327707
  • Request form on our website
  • Private messages on our Facebook page

Parcels from/to other US states New Jersey (NJ), New York (NY), Pennsylvania (PA), Rhode Island (RI), Connecticut (CT), Massachusetts (MA), New Hampshire (NH), Vermont (VT), Maine (ME), Maryland (MD), Washington D.C (DC), Virginia (VA), West Virginia (WV), North California (NC), South California (SC), Georgia (GA), Florida (FL), Alabama (AL), Tennessee (TN), Mississippi (MS), Arizona (AR), Louisiana (LA), Texas (TX)

  • Hotline +17326341517
  • Private messages on Facebook page
  • Email: info.usa@meest.com

Parcels from/to other US states California (CA), Oregon (OR), Washington (WA), Idaho (ID), Montana (MT), Wyoming (WY), Colorado (CO), Utah (UT), Nevada (NV), Arizona (AZ), New Mexico (NM), Alaska (AK)

  • Hotline +18006172545
  • Private messages on Facebook page
  • Email: lacmeest@gmail.com

Meest Canada works with shipments from Canada and the US to Ukraine and from Ukraine to Canada, also with US states: North Dakota (ND), South Dakota (SD), Minnesota (MN), Wisconsin (WI), Michigan (MI), Ohio (OH), Iowa (IA), Illinois (IL), Indiana (IN), Kentucky (KY), Kansas (KS), Oklahoma (OK), Missouri (MO).

Please contact Meest Canada:

  • Hotline in Canada + 1-800-361-7345, + 1-416-236-2032
  • Email info.canada@meest.com
  • Private messages on our Facebook page
Can I send food from America to Ukraine?

You can send almost all factory-packaged food from America to Ukraine, except for alcoholic beverages, and the products listed on this list

Please note that one parcel must contain no more than 10 kg of food.

Can I send military equipment?

Meest does not send military and technical equipment. But you can send military uniforms, first aid kits, tourniquets, etc.

To find out if we can send your package to the military, call us at +1-732-634-1517 or by e-mail Iryna.Novak@meest.com, we will be happy to advise you.

Does Meest deliver parcels to russia and belarus?

On February 24, 2022 Russia launched an unprovoked, full-scale war in Ukraine. Belarus supports Russia’s invasion. For these reasons, Meest-America will not ship to, or receive packages from either of these 2 countries.


Your Ukrainian Transport Company

Meest-America, Inc.

600 Markley Street,
Port Reading, NJ 07064
Tolll-free: 1-732-634-1517
Fax: 732-634-1913




+1 732 634 1517

NEW JERSEY: Middlesex, Monmouth, Mercer Counties

Employment Opportunities | RCHP - Affordable Housing Corporation

Hotline 877-676-8499


Free of payment program

Employment center at the place of residence



Diploma transfer, help with resume, trainings and career advices


Organization that helps migrants with job searching


State institutions

Embassy of Ukraine in the USA

3350 M Street, NW - Washington, DC 2007


Consulate General of Ukraine

240 East 49th Street - New York, NY 10017

Hotline for New Americans


The hotline connects immigrants and refugees with free services in New York State and is open from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm Monday through Friday.
All calls are confidential. Help is available in Ukrainian and 200 languages.


Office of Refugee Resettlement in New Jersey

State coordinator for refugees
- Patrick Barry 609-633-65-94

State Coordinator of Refugee Health Care
- Christy Mason 609-633-77-20

Educational resources on language learning for Ukrainians

Ling App

The application was made free for Ukrainians



The language learning platform provides free access to its courses for all Ukrainians who have moved to European countries



A platform for studying various subjects with tutors from all over the world The opportunity to study one of the 14 available languages for free for three months


Simple English

English language school offers free lessons for both children and adults



The application for learning the most common words of any of 149 languages is available for Ukrainians for free



Ukrainian Catholic Church of St. George

30 East 7th Street - New York, NY 10003


Ukrainian Catholic Church of St. Michael

21 Shonnard Place - Yonkers, NY 10703


Ukrainian Catholic Church of St. Nicholas

217 President Street - Passaic, NJ 07055


St. Volodymyr's Cathedral

24 Wenzel Terrace - Stamford, CT 06902


Diocese of Stamford


Ukrainian Schools

Kindergarten and Preschool "Barvinok"

25 Old Jackson Avenue - Hastings-on-Hudson, NY 10706


45 Clovelly Road - Stamford, CT 06902


School of Ukrainian Studies of the Association of Ukrainians of America

215 E 6th Street - New York, NY 10003


School of Ukrainian Studies "New Ukrainian Wave"

Guardian Angel Church
2978 Ocean Parkway - Brooklyn, NY 11235


Ukrainian Studies Schools in the USA


500+ Colleges/Universities that Offer Educational Scholarships in the USA

CYMA Federal Credit Cooperative

125 Corporate Boulevard - Yonkers, NY 10703


NOVA UA Federal Credit Cooperative

851 Allwood Road - Clifton, NJ 07012


"Samopomich" Ukrainian Bank

108 Second Avenue - New York, NY 10003


Ukrainian Organizations

CYM/Union of Ukrainian Youth (America)

136 2nd Avenue, Suite 202 - New York, NY 10003


PLAST/Scout Organization

700 Cedar Road - Jenkintown, PA 19046


Ukrainian Congressional Committee of America

203 2nd Avenue - New York, NY 10003


Ukrainian National Women's League of America

203 2nd Avenue - New York, NY 10003


Ukrainian Rest Areas

Soyuzivka - Center of Ukrainian Heritage

216 Foordemore Road - Kerhonkson, NY 12446


Oselya SYM Ellenville

8853 US-209 - Ellenville, NY 12428


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