Meest USA 2024-02-08

Meest America is announcing COUPLE PARCEL MONTH


Promo is valid till March 1st

Meest - a9224c6f8507b9f3966251e24e276de6

Send parcels to your loved ones and get $15 OFF with promo code COUPLE

  • The DISCOUNT applies to one sent parcel
  • When sending your FIRST parcel from any city or state in the USA to 50 countries worldwide

To use this offer:

  • Register your parcel on the Meest Portal
  • Choose one of the 50 countries
  • Enter promo code COUPLE
  • Send via UPS, USPS, FEDEX, Meest DROP OFF or use UPS Pick-Up service
  • Promo is valid till March 1st

When shipping to Europe, you pay DDP (Delivery Duty Paid), not burdening the parcel receiver with customs clearance.

* New registration on MEEST PORTAL ONLY (not guest shipping)

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