Meest USA 2023-06-30

Еlectronic declaration in shipments to Ukraine


We would like to inform you that starting from July 2023, the State Customs Service of Ukraine is completely switching to electronic document management.

Dear Meest America customer!

We would like to draw your attention to the importance of accurate and complete declaration that meets the requirements of the State Customs Service of Ukraine, because this will speed up the customs clearance of not only your shipments, but also the entire cargo.

We would like to note that the changes that have taken place in the field of customs clearance of international postal items are a general trend and do not take place only in Ukraine.

Electronic registers submitted to the Customs Service must contain the following information:

  1. Surname of the sender;
  2. Sender's address;
  3. Surname of the recipient;
  4. Address of the recipient;
  5. Detailed description of the contents of the parcel. Each item in a separate row indicating the value and customs code (UKT ZED Code) of each item (Common Names ARE NOT ALLOWED);
  6. The cost of the parcel;
  7. The total value of the parcel must be equal to the sum of the costs of each item in the parcel.
  8. Weapons and knives

The declared information is transferred to the Customs Service while the parcel is in transit.

This simplifies and speeds up the processing of parcels by the Customs in Ukraine.

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