Delivery of parcels during COVID-19 pandemic

Updated information


Facing the COVID-19 crisis, Meest-America has tried to keep existing tariffs for our customers without change. Despite the significant increase in cost from subcontractors, carriers, and airlines we did not increase our prices until now.

At this time, in order to ensure uninterrupted delivery to countries such as Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Azerbaijan we have to temporarily increase tariffs for parcels delivery. 

You can calculate the new shipping cost using the calculator.

We will return to our regular tariffs when situation in the transportation industry stabilizes.


We would like to inform you about the current status of parcels delivery and strongly recommend that you comply with all quarantine measures. In order to receive a parcel, you do not have to leave your home or wait in line at one of our branches. Meest-America offers an alternative way. To maximize safe delivery we recommend to choose a courier delivery. Our couriers will deliver a parcel to your door.

Important! All our couriers are provided with masks, sanitizers and gloves, which minimize a risk of spreading any germs.

As of today, we have to temporarily suspend delivery to Uzbekistan. Delivery to Armenia, Moldova and Kyrgyzstan is also currently unavailable.

Our warehouses are operating full time to make sure that all parcels are sent out on time. Our support team works remotely. We kindly ask you to use ticketing system or LIVE-CHAT. The situation with cargo delays at Ukrainian border has stabilized. At this time, the delay is not longer than one business day.


We continue to inform you about current status of parcels delivery from the U.S.

Meest-America’s office and warehouses in Delaware and New Jersey are operating full business day and regular hours.

Our support team is ready to answer all your questions, but we kindly ask that you send your requests only to LIVE CHAT or create a ticket in your personal account on

Currently, there is limited access to customer service via phone.

Effective today, we have to temporarily suspend delivery of parcels to Armenia, Moldova and Kyrgyzstan.

The situation at the Ukrainian border remains unchanged. Our trucks are waiting in line to cross the border and this is the main cause of possible delivery delays.

There are no changes with respect to parcel delivery to any other country of destination. Parcels are sent regularly, but with a possible 1-2 days offset from the schedule. We will immediately inform you about any changes on our social networks, newsletters and on in NEWS section.


Thank you for cooperation.

Take care.

Meest-America Team

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