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Cargo and commercial transportation


Get your business moving internationally with Meest America Cargo.

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We offer delivery to any international airport or directly to the consumer
in two convenient formats: via sea or air.

  • FCL. - this delivery option is convenient if you expect a large batch of goods, since you rent a whole container.
  • LCL - This transportation option involves the delivery of small cargoes. You rent a place in a container that is used to transport other customers' goods.

For additional information and a calculation for Meest America Cargo,
please contact +1 732 634 15 17 or fill out the form on the website

  • auto shipping
  • warehousing
  • commercial cargo worldwide
  • loading services
  • Ocean and Airfreight
  • ocean/sea bound service
  • local pickup

For private clients

International transportation of personal property VIA SEA or AIR with Meest America Cargo

Possibility to choose a full or partial rental of a container with a carrying capacity of 20ft. or 40 ft.

Choose the delivery format that is convenient for you and find out more information about the cost at the number +1 732 634 15 17 or fill out the form on the website

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